Why Use A Dog Harness?

Mar 23 , 2019

Why Use A Dog Harness?

Why Use A Dog Harness?

Every dog owner should have a harness. It helps to keep you and your cute pet safe. In this article, I will be discussing the top reasons you need a harness and when you should consider buying one. Fortunately, it is easy to buy mesh harnesses for large and small dog breeds online.

What is a dog harness?

They are special ‘jackets’ designed for dogs. The harness is comfortable, fitted, and they come with special clips, known as a “D-Ring” so you can attach a leash while walking your dog. There are many advantages of a dog harness. You will also be delighted to know that dogs find it easy to “accept” the harness so you won’t have a ‘grumpy faced” dog for long when you start using a dog harness for the first time.

How it works

Dog harnesses are designed for small, medium and large dog breeds. You will probably be asked by the pet store owner to describe or mention the breed of your dog. Alternatively, if you are buying dog harness online, the product will feature a label, so you know if it is suitable for your cute pet.

The dog harness has adjustable features and secure clasps that hold firm when the harness is on the dog. Many do come with a child-proof lock that requires you to press another button to release the straps to remove. First, you will need to slip the harness over your dog’s head. Second, secure the straps below the belly and up and over back with the clasps. Next, you want to test the fitting on your dog by slipping two fingers under the harness. If your fingers cannot easily slip between the harness and your dog’s fur it is too tight and should be readjusted.

It is also helpful to observe your dog soon after you have finished securing the harness over its body. Look out for signs of discomfort. The harness should not limit the dog's shoulder movements or breathing. If everything seems all right, attach the leash and you are set to go out for a dog walk.

When do you need a dog harness?

Okay, so many people are not sure why they should use a harness. It is so much easier to go for dog walks when you use a dog harness. There will be no need to scream commands or chase your dog across the fields. You and your pet dog can have a wonderful experience outdoors every time.

You should consider buying a dog harness if you have dogs with the following features;

Large dog breeds

These dogs grow very big and are powerful. Large dog breeds also need lots of physical activity, so you may need to spend a few hours outdoors with your pet every day. A harness will be very useful in this case for both you and your furry friend.

Super active dogs

Your pup or adult dog may be so energetic outdoors. If you observe these traits in your little pup, waste no time, it will be helpful to get a dog harness and start using it at a young age when you go for dog walks.

Dog Aggression

Some dogs find it hard to control aggression towards other dogs in public. This embarrassing situation can be avoided if you use a harness. When an aggressive encounter is about the happen, you can quickly leave the scene with your dog because the harness gives you control. Some dog harnesses come with a top handle that you can “lift” the dog up to avoid any danger or incident.

Advantages of using a dog harness

Dog training

The dog harness helps you control your dog indoors and outdoors. When you can control your dog, training sessions will be more productive. For example, it is easier to hold your dog’s attention when it is restrained from running around the backyard. At this moment, you can teach it a few tricks.

Prevent neck injuries

Super active dogs may be prone to painful neck strain, which can happen when you use dog collars. The harness gives you a chance to regain control of your dog even if it suddenly runs in a different direction or attempts to chase another dog.

Peace of mind

Dog walks can be unpredictable because of potential distraction, so you have to be prepared. For example, your dog may get excited when it sees a bird or rabbit. Naturally, it should give chase, but this is not what you want. With a dog harness, you are confident in your ability to control your dog and guide it away from the distraction. It also helps to ensure you will hardly experience a dogfight because you have control over your dog.

Car safety during road trips

It will be a shame to leave your dog behind during road trips but how do you keep it safe in the car? A dog harness is the solution. This is what you can do, after securing the dog harness; slip the car seat belt through the harness to restrict your dog’s movement inside the car during road trips.

You will also be happy to know that dog harnesses have a ID tag ring to attach their identification tag or license. This means if your dog ever gets lost or in the event of a sudden natural disaster, your dog can be found and easily reunited with you.

Online, you can find many types of dog harnesses. They have similar features, so don’t worry about using them and enjoying the benefits of a dog harness.